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Enroll in a BCBSM Medicare Supplement plan today!

If you already know which plan you want to join, you can start the enrollment process now. Enter your ZIP code to get started.

If you need information in another format, or to be referred to our foreign language line, please contact Medicare Plus Blue PPO or BCNAdvantage at 1-888-563-3307. TTY users should call 711. Call center hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Eastern time, Monday to Friday, with weekend hours Oct 1 to Feb 14.

If you're looking for a Medicare Supplement plan, your premium may be higher if you are not eligible for a Guaranteed Issue.

Certain factors may affect the monthly premium cost.

The medical costs below are estimated annual costs based on your age and the health status you have provided us. Because medical costs can vary depending on your specific situation and needs, if you are reviewing medical costs, please be aware the projected medical costs are estimates and may not represent your actual expenses.


Shop and compare plans if you are not sure which plan best fits your needs.